Raising a child is a unique experience. Despite being surrounded by hundreds of families doing the same thing, no two children are the same. Being a parent presents challenges that are unpredictable at times and will push each of us to our limits in different ways. Each generation faces new trials that the generation before was not subject to. In today’s world we are bombarded by information about children and how to parent. There are messages everywhere about what children “should” be doing at various points in life. Outside of standard developmental milestones, however, it can be difficult to assess when a behavior or task is truly advanced, delayed or possibly absent. And it can be nearly impossible to discern typical development with the bombardment of advice and information from the media. Behaviors can be ambiguous and strange making it tricky to determine whether emotions are larger than the situation calls for, grossly uncomfortable or an obstacle to progress. Even a predictably developing child can manifest challenging behaviors. What is typical and when should a parent worry? When do you seek guidance from a professional? When does a child need to be seen by a psychologist or another mental health professional? I can help you answer these questions, identify the next steps and form a plan to more forward.

You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

Emily Gifford, PsyD.

Westchester, NY
Child Psychologist
Helping parents understand, connect and grow with their children.